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Spiritual Stimulus Check

In the Racine Journal Times the other day, there was an article from a Reverend Walter Hermanns entitled "Your spiritual stimulus check is ready to be cashed". The article talked about how we all could use a "spiritual stimulus plan".

He points out that we could all make a lasting impact on our communities if we were take 10% of our stimulus checks and give that money way right up front. The benefit that the entire town would gain if everyone were to do that would be tremendous. The benefit to us would be even greater.

Jesus said that whatever we do to the least of our brothers, we do to Him. This is money we didn't have before and giving 10% of it away will still leave more than we had to start with. It will also put that 10% into the hands of someone who needs it far more than we do.

Just think about all of the commercials you've seen on TV and in the paper - practically begging you to come to them and spend your stimulus check with them. How many of us have sat there and thought - "mmm, HDTV, mmm new car, mmm iPod"? Don't deny it, you know you've had your list of things that you want, we all do.

Now think about all of those people out there that are not getting these checks. What would their wants be. "mmm, I could use just one meal. mmm I wish I had a job. mmm I wish I could afford to get that medicine for my children...." I'm sure there are things that we can't even imagine that they need and that we take for granted day in and day out.

Is "The Office" really going to look better in HD compared to our current TV? Can we hear a song any better on an iPod vs our existing CD Player? Will either or any of these things really make us a better person because of them?

Saint Paul admonishes us that we should be "in the world, but not of the world". How many of us can say that we are? I think the desire/lust in our hearts for the things of this world is being fueled by these checks. If we were to pull back - give a portion to those in need and then use the money for something that we truly need, or even better save it for a rainy day, think how much we could accomplish.

I think Rev. Hermanns' letter came out just in time. I hope more people take this to heart - I know my family will.

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An Abortionist's Nightmare

From an email from Father Pavone - from Priests for Life:

An Abortionist's Nightmare Fr. Frank PavoneNational Director, Priests for Life Dr. McArthur Hill used to kill babies for a living. Now he has repented. At a conference of former abortionists, he shared the nightmares he had:

"In my nightmares I would deliver a healthy newborn baby and I would take that healthy newborn baby and I would hold it up, and I would face a jury of faceless people and ask them to tell me what to do with this baby. They would go thumbs-up or thumbs-down and if they made a thumbs-down indication then I was to drop the baby into a bucket of water which was present. I never did reach the point of dropping the baby into the bucket because I'd always wake up at that point. But it was clear to me then that there was something going on in my mind, subconsciously."

I have helped abortionists make the transition from killing babies to repentance, and can attest that Dr. Hill's experience is not uncommon. In fact, his nightmare reveals some common aspects of the suffering of abortionists.

Notice, first of all, that Dr. Hill has in his hands a "healthy newborn baby." Abortions are done on healthy unborn babies, but in this nightmare, the doctor's conscience is reminding him that a baby is a baby, and that the lies of abortion propagandists who try to make the public think that abortion is only done for "health reasons" are exactly that - lies.

More significant still is the fact that the abortionist is holding the baby up in front of a group of people. What happened to the "private, personal" nature of abortion? Abortionists know better. It's a public industry, a public battle, and like it or not, the world has its eyes on them. They are committing that wrong which humanity itself, in the judgment of history, knows to be the same wrong that constitutes genocide and holocausts. Yes, this "private" act is really as public as can be.

The abortion propagandists try to paint this issue as "a woman's choice and hers alone." But the abortionist's nightmare tells us a different story. The mother is absent. It is society, represented by a jury of his peers, that is making the choice. This represents both the abortionist's resentment as well as his attempt to evade responsibility. "It's not that I favor killing babies," many abortionists will say. "It's that either I provide this service or someone else will do so, in a less professional way. Society has made this choice available, which is a good thing, but somebody has to carry it out."

Finally, the jury is "faceless." Of course it is. Nobody wants to claim responsibility for legal abortion. Legislators blame the courts; judges blame precedent; others blame the "law of the land."

It's time for the abortionists nightmare to wake us all up! Now is the time for us to put our own face on this issue, and claim responsibility to break through the faceless crowd and declare, "The killing stops here! I will no longer be silent!"

The answer to the big question

Recently an article was posted on the BBC about a geneticist who has finally answered the question: "Which came first, the chicken or the egg."

His response was it had to be the egg, because the embryo would have had it's full DNA as the hatched chicken and that the DNA does not change after "birth".

Well, we also know that the DNA of a child is formed immediately at conception and that it is the same after they are born.

Therefore, if the DNA of a chicken egg embryo is a chicken, then it means that the embryo of a woman is a human.

So when a person has an abortion, they are killing a HUMAN BEING, because it CAN'T be anything else.

Truth and Tolerance

I'm currently reading Pope Benedict XVI's book "Truth & Tolerance" and it's pretty amazing. Our Holy Father has a brilliant mind and the way he can look at things and see straight to their depth is staggering.

I just came across a quote that he makes regarding God and His relationship to us. It describes so beautifully just how much God loves us and wants us to be with Him.

"God seeks out man in the midst of his worldly and earthly connections and relationships; God, whom no one, not even the purest of men, can discover for himself, comes to man of his own volition and enters into relationship with him."

With God, religion is not a matter of feelings, it's not a matter of trying to transcend this earthly sphere and become one with the universe. It is about God entering the Here and Now and becoming a part of our lives. God stepped into history in the person of Jesus Christ and chose to walk beside us, as Father, Brother and Friend.

Blessed be God!

New Paths

Last night my wife and I were talking and she said that she was reading Patrick Madrid's reversion story in "Surprised by the Truth 2" and that when she got to the part about him quitting his job to become a full time apologist, she thought "Hmm, I could see Bill doing that."

Now, I don't think I'm quite ready to do something like that full-time, although I have to admit it does interest me. I couldn't see however at this time quitting my job and trying to support our family on an income from apologetics work.

So I think what I will do is try to use this forum and to write articles to start for various entities (, our sunday visitor, etc) and see what happens. Maybe one day I'll even write a book. ;-)

Anyway - check back next week. I'm going to try to come up with a topic and post something here to get started.

Keep me in your prayers.

Pax bonum
Well, this is my first post and I'm trying to see just what I want to say. I guess the first thing is an analogy that I heard in regards to the Eucharist. It goes something like this:

When we eat regular food, our body absorbs this food and it becomes part of us. But when we eat the Eucharist, because God is infinite, He absorbs us and we become more like him.

I thought this was one of the neatest ways of looking at the Eucharist and why Jesus did it in the first place. How much more poignant do the words "Unless you eat my flesh and drink my blood, you will not have life within you" become when looked at in light of this.

It also explains why should try to go to daily Mass. Not just to have the Word of God given to us, but to also be nourished by Christ Himself and have ourselves become more like him.